Bricolage Park

Place of Assembly, Melbourne Festival

24/10/2012 - 10/10/2012 School House Studios - Abbotsford
Bricolage ParkBricolage Park

Bricolage Park is a public installation for Place of Assembly, School House Studios, an official participant in the Melbourne Festival 2012

The orchard and garden has been an ongoing project throughout the schoolhouse studios residency. Given the temporary nature of our stay, it was necessary to approach the task in a resourceful and opportunistic manner. Bamboo cut from the garden formed the edging of the circular garden beds and most of our gardening tools - including the wheelbarrow – were scavenged from hard rubbish piles. The chook shed is built from netting and wood found on site, old salvaged tin, scraps of chicken wire and bamboo. Odd assortments of containers and pots have been collected over time, and the plants are often grown from cuttings or seed.

In typical bricolage fashion, for Place of Assembly we have transformed the garden into a small, temporary park, simply by adding some improvised, useful infrastructure for sitting or lying about. Take your time here, enjoy the sun if it’s out, and maybe feed the chooks some greens.

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Emma Hicks
Sarah Hicks
Bon Bon Grant
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