Ciliwung Social Infrastructure Project

The Garden in The Kampong - Stage 1

March 2012 Ciliwung Kampong, Jakarta, Indonesia
Garden in the KampongCiliwung Social Infrastructure Project Garden in the KampongGarden in the KampongCiliwung Kampong - JakartaGarden in the Kampong

Acceptance of slums in the urban environment is the first step towards reconsidering how we design our cities.

The Ciliwung Social Infrastructure Project is a collaborative, socially orientated landscape architecture project between Emergent Studios and Yassan Interkulter Foundation, Jakarta (YIF).

Our landscape architecture practice identifies, celebrates and works to amplify the existing social uses of space within Kampongs. The outcomes of our projects are determined by the theory of location equals opportunity and community collaboration; this approach enables us to uncover the multi-layered uses of a site and their latent design potential.

Our project brief is to re-imagine and build a socially dynamic community public space within Kampong Pulo, Jakarta. The project would introduce infrastructure which enables new social, educational and recreational uses; facilitate workshops and foster intercultural relationships through ongoing collaboration. The designed open space will support a layered, and diverse range of social events and uses, accumulating value and legitimacy to the Kampong.

"Welcome to the Ciliwung. Two hundred years in existence. Think on this, what that means for culture, community, for language. Think on this…. A tofu factory filled with hot, sweaty men working to fill the streets with fresh produce, daily. Shirts off, working, sweating, making. I step out, the air is cool on my face, I know this illusion won’t last, I savour it and observe the street. Narrow, steep no stairs, there are never any stairs. Plants, there are always plants. Hot again I continue down towards the river, I can smell it approaching, muggy and stagnant. I look up to the Victorian balcony next to its wooden ad hoc neighbour, so different yet similar all the same. Again I smell food, thick with the scent of spice in the air." - Matthew Hamilton, The Jak Mania, 2011

Landscape Type: 
Public Space
Yayasan Interkultur Foundation
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