Jakarta Fieldwork Trip Update

We have just returned from our tremendously successful trip to Jakarta under the welcome guidance of Ronnie, Anneke and Palin. We couldn't have hoped for a more useful and productive trip despite the limited time and owe most of that to their generosity of spirit. In that short time we identified a new site and after meeting with the local community leaders went about taking site measurements and documenting for design. It is striking how vibrant and peaceful the kampongs are in relation to the relentless grind of Jakartas streets. For a minute you could forget yourself. We stayed well into the evening and witnessed the the river side site transform from its sedentary day time uses to the more frenetic evening where children congregated and played. We spoke to the local community about the realities of the Ciliwung rivers regular flooding and the next day embarked on a road trip to trace the river to its source near Bogor in the mountains. It was a poetic conclusion to our short stay and left us brimming with enthusiasm and ideas about how to approach this challenging and wonderful site.

Image illustrating the path taken on the day trip to Bogor
Photograph showing the 2007 7 metre flood line
Photograph of children using the river crossing rafts as swimming platforms
Photograph of a mobile fruit stall in the Chiliwung Campong
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