Ciliwung Social Infrastructure Project

The Garden in The Kampong - Stage 2

2013 - August 2015 Kampung Pulo, Jakarta
Children beginning to use the blackboardImage of site near completionCompleted bench detail

This project completed in August 2015 is designed to reestablish and strengthen vital social infrastructure in the Kampong by integrating disaster relief compost toilets with recreational and social infrastructure in addition to targeted water filtration and city greening. The design and construction of such vital and inherently complex community places requires an approach that accepts and builds upon the existing conditions in order to strengthen their functionality.

The integration of vegetation and water sensitive design helps to generate favourable micro climatic conditions on site. This approach differs from typical sanitation and emergency infrastructure projects in that it aims to support and enhance existing systems through spatial design aimed at fostering strong community ownership of the space.

We understand the exceptional value that shared open green space represents in dense informal urban settings as areas for play, learning and social interaction especialy for vulnerable children. It is an example of grass roots urban development and points to a way of addressing the shifting needs of informal communities while responding to city master planning objectives. The project was realised through a lengthy process of community consultation supported and facilitated by Yayasan Interkultur, a local NGO.

Landscape Type: 
Public Space
Yayasan Interkultur Foundation
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