The Paddock Castlemaine Eco Village

01.07.2016 Castlemaine, Victoria

The Paddock is an 25 - 30 home eco development in Castlemaine, Victoria designed in collaboration with Crosby Architects & Vivid Civil Engineers.

Ciliwung Social Infrastructure Project The Garden in The Kampong - Stage 2

2013 - August 2015 Kampung Pulo, Jakarta

This project completed in August 2015 is designed to reestablish and strengthen vital social infrastructure in the Kampong by integrating disaster relief compost toilets with recreational and social infrastructure in addition to targeted water filtration and city greening.

Snakey Grass Pass CERES Adventure Habitat

01/12/2012 - 20/07/2013 Melbourne

The play space has been hand crafted from locally sourced Fraxinus oxycarpa logs. Commonly known as the Desert Ash, the Fraxinus oxycarpa is classified as an environmental weed and was removed from the banks of Merri Creek by Melbourne Water.

Bricolage Park Place of Assembly, Melbourne Festival

24/10/2012 - 10/10/2012 School House Studios - Abbotsford

Bricolage Park is a public installation for Place of Assembly, School House Studios, an official participant in the Melbourne Festival 2012

Ciliwung Social Infrastructure Project The Garden in The Kampong - Stage 1

March 2012 Ciliwung Kampong, Jakarta, Indonesia

Acceptance of slums in the urban environment is the first step towards reconsidering how we design our cities.

Urban Realities

May 2011 - May 2011 Melbourne, Docklands

"Urban Realities: Landscape Urbanism 3 Day Design Challenge Melbourne challenges teams to participate in a competition that involves designing and constructing a site in response to a brief within 3 days." - Visit the Urban Realities website.