The Jak Mania

Re–Designing Cities Through Slums

Feb 2011 - Ongoing Jakarta, Indonesia

“Acceptance of slums in our urban environment is the first step towards reconsidering the way that we design our cities.”

Through understanding the unique nature and spatial operations of slum communities, and recognising their place within a greater system, we as landscape architects can begin to create a design approach that operates across the different social and infrastructural scales.

The Jak Mania actively engages with four separate Kampongs in Jakarta, Indonesia; Luar Batang, Ciliwung, Gembrong Gaplok and Petamburan. It explores the theory of "location equals opportunity" through recognition of the existing human relationships with site.

My approach demonstrates that there is no singular outcome; that the opportunities design can bring are dependent on the desire to understand the existing functionality and spatial hierarchies of the site. By allowing ourselves as designers to build upon these existing site relationships, new and interesting urban typologies are able to form.